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Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Yoga Teacher

Sam graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2001 and continued on to receive her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario in 2004. She returned home to the Lower Mainland to pursue her physiotherapy career and over the last 20 years has worked in both the public and private sectors of physiotherapy practice.

While she has experience working with clients with a variety of conditions, most recently Sam has been focusing on empowering the lives of people living with cancer, lymphedema and lymphatic disorders. Sam began her continuing education in cancer rehabilitation in 2012 and continues to attend regular conferences, courses and certifications to add knowledge, skills and techniques into her hands-on treatments. 

In 2015 Sam completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Kushala Yoga in Port Moody and often incorporates yoga principles and poses into her physiotherapy sessions and programs for clients. She has taken many post-graduate yoga teacher trainings including Chair Yoga, Accessible Yoga and Adapted Yoga. 

In 2016 Sam completed a 135-hour lymphedema therapy program through Klose Training to become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, and in 2017 successfully passed the certification exam through the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). Using the gold-standard of care, Complete Decongestive Therapy, Sam provides manual lymphatic drainage, compression wrapping and garment recommendations, exercise, education and self-management teaching. She has treated clients with a variety of lymphatic disorders, including primary lymphedema (congenital), secondary lymphedema (from trauma, cancer treatments etc), and lympho-lipedema. Sam works 1:1 with her clients to find a treatment and management plan that works for her client’s lifestyle.

Sam took the opportunity during the pandemic lockdown in 2020 to complete her PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Certification, offered through New Zealand-based PINC & STEEL International. This program deepened Sam's knowledge and understanding of how different cancer types affect women specifically and the benefits of 1:1 physiotherapy input and ongoing guidance through fitness and getting back to life. Sam continues to take courses and attend conferences to that she can offer the most up-to-date and evidence-based care to her clients. Sam's long-term goal is to be able to offer physio-led small-group classes for cancer survivors to promote movement and fitness, and to build community. 

Sam is passionate about working with individuals during and after their cancer treatments, managing side effects of treatments including loss of range of motion and strength, fatigue, axillary cording, neuropathy and lymphedema. Her treatments can include hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, adapted clinical yoga, manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, return to work programs and education. She has also worked with individuals needing palliative care, helping them to remain comfortable and working on goals they wish to achieve. 

Away from the treatment table, you'll find Sam traveling the world with her husband, playing with her crazy new puppy Maisie (RIP Gus), knitting, crafting, eating delicious food and searching for the next great cup of coffee.  


Rest in Paradise Gus 2008-2023


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