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Updated Dec 30, 2021.

Before your appointment:

- You'll receive an email 8 hours before every appointment inviting you to complete the Mandatory COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire and Consent. This must be completed prior to each appointment. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you will not be able to attend the clinic. You can either change your appointment to a telehealth session, or reschedule for a later date. The cancellation fee is waived if you are feeling unwell. Please self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 if you are having any symptoms. If a member of your household is sick, or anyone you live with has been required to self-isolate, please do not attend the clinic. 

- Please attend appointments alone if possible. Exceptions will be made for people requiring assistance, or minors under the age of 18 years. All people attending the clinic will be required to answer the COVID-19 screening questions and you must advise me ahead of time if anyone with be joining you. 

- Please leave unnecessary belongings at home

Upon Arrival:

- As of Dec 31, 2021 - a fresh 3-layer medical mask will be required for entry into the clinic. If you do not have one, I can provide one for you. This is the same as requirements at doctors offices and hospitals. It is your choice if you would like to instead wear a well-fitting N95-type of mask, or double your mask (a cloth mask can be your second layer, with the other being a medical mask). If you are unable to wear a mask, please contact me prior to booking an appointment so we can discuss options. 

- If you are early, please wait in your car until just before your designated appointment time, as there is no waiting area in the clinic space.

- You can use either elevator to access the business building. When you exit the elevator on the 3rd floor, please enter through the glass door into the hallway. You will see a business directory to your left, I am at the bottom, in Unit 319. I'm at the end of the hall on your left. 

- The door to the clinic may be locked so please knock and I'll be out to meet you

- Please sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic space

During Your Appointment:

- We will maintain 2m physical distance where possible, obviously during hands-on treatment this is not possible, but during all other times of the appointment, we will keep our distance

- Keep your mask on for the duration of your appointment

- Cover your coughs/sneezes appropriately and sanitize your hands

After Your Appointment:

- Pay via contactless payment methods where possible. All receipts will be emailed to you directly

- We will schedule your next appointment(s) at the end of the session, but we will be able to maintain 2m distance during this short time. Other option is to work things out over email after the appointment.

- Please sanitize your hands before leaving the clinic

- Washrooms are located half way down the hallway, there is a key just inside the clinic door for you to access it.

Other things I am continuing to do to keep everyone safe:

- Adhering to physical distancing guidelines whenever possible within the treatment room and clinic space. 

- I will be wearing double medical masks or a KN95 mask.

- There will be at least 30 minutes between clients to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting of treatment room, equipment, and all high touch points, using Health Canada approved cleaning products

- There is an air purifier in both rooms that are running all day while I'm in the clinic, they are on low during our sessions and then cranked up during the time between appointments

- Washing/sanitizing hands before and after every client encounter, and after cleaning, and more often throughout the day in general

- Continuing to wash all sheets and towels in hot soapy water with oxygen bleach 

- Continuing to wash all "work clothes" in hot soapy water

- I complete a self-assessment every morning and I will not hesitate to cancel my day if I or my husband are feeling under the weather. I will not hesitate to get tested for COVID-19 whenever I am having any of the symptoms listed on the HealthLink Website. 

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